An X-fold type overwrapping packaging machine is a type of packaging equipment used to wrap products in a flexible material such as cellophane, polypropylene, or laminated film. This type of packaging is commonly used for products such as biscuit, rice cake,tea box,soap,pharmaceutical products, and cosmetic items.

The X-fold type overwrapping machine works by feeding a continuous stream of the product into the machine, which then wraps the product in a folded piece of film. The film is folded in an X shape around the product, with the edges of the film being sealed to create a sealed package and also it can be used on easy-open strip.

The X-fold type overwrapping machine can be configured to handle a wide range of product sizes and shapes, with the packaging material being fed from a roll and cut to size as required. The machine can also be equipped with features such as automatic feeding, cutting, and sealing, which can increase production efficiency and reduce labor costs.

One of the key advantages of the X-fold type overwrapping machine is that it creates a tight, secure seal around the product, which helps to protect it from external factors such as moisture and contamination. The packaging material used in this type of machine can also be printed with branding or product information, which can help to promote the product and increase brand recognition.

Overall, the X-fold type overwrapping machine is a reliable and efficient solution for packaging a wide variety of products in the food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic industries. It offers a high degree of flexibility and customization, allowing manufacturers to package their products efficiently and securely, while ensuring that the quality and freshness of the product is maintained.

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